Drilling Rig Supervisor

Urgent Opening for Saudi Aramco Gulf Operations
Drilling Rig Supervisor (DAY) and Night
Job Description
Undertakes all responsibility of drilling and workover operations representing company and working on board drilling rig on 24 hours a day. Directs and supervises drilling service contractors. Frequently communicates with onshore base and regularly reports operational progress and status. Controls drilling materials, supplies and service contractors’ arrangement. This position shall be Offshore rotation position.
Directs and controls drilling and workover operations, rig move, services and emergency responses on board drilling rig on a 24 hours a day basis.
Frequently communicates with onshore base. Instructs and supervises drilling services provided by contractors. Inspects and checks drilling rig, equipment, material stock, and work performance of onboard crew, and instructs service contractors repair and maintenance activities on the rig.
Academic and professional qualifications:
Bachelor degree in Petroleum Engineering
Bachelor: Minimum 15 years of experience with 6 years in a supervisory position in directing and monitoring contractor’s activities
Share Resumes at Cvs@oilserve.com.sa, only Oil & Gas Industries Experience Prefer.

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