Offshore Rigging Project Rotation vacancies

For a Rigging Project / Client ( for August 2021) -Offshore/ Island
1)     Technical Coordinator -Salary AED 3000-4000 -Rotation Cycle -35/28
2)     Lead Rigger/Rigging Foreman (Certificate Mandatory) -Salary AED3000-3500- Rotation Cycle -60/30
3)     Rigger – Level 3 -Salary AED1400-1800- Rotation Cycle -90/30
4)     Driver (L & H License Holders) -Salary AED2500-3500- Rotation Cycle -90/30
5)     Crane Operator (200 T)- Salary AED2500-4000- Rotation Cycle -60/30
6)     Crane Operator (100 T)- Salary AED2500-4000- Rotation Cycle -60/30
7)     Bundle Puller Operator- Salary AED2000-2800- Rotation Cycle -90/30
8)     Boom Truck Operator- Salary AED2000-3000- Rotation Cycle -90/30
9)     HSE Technician- Salary AED2500-3000- Rotation Cycle -60/30
10)  Banksman/Flagman- Salary AED1200-1500- Rotation Cycle -90/30

·        Rotational Air Ticket will be provided.
·        Salary is for 8 hours working/day/6 days in Offshore.
·        OT Applicable for more than 8 hrs.

Contact Anish K Baby

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