Oil and Gas Job Gas Turbine vacancies

Open Vacancy (Job Oil and Gas)

PT Pakarti Tirtoagung.
1. General.
2. Gas Turbine Operation Supervisor / Team Leader.
3. Gas Turbine Compressor Plant Operator.
4. Gas Turbine Maintenance Mechanical.
5. Gas Turbine Electricians Maintenance .
6. Gas Turbine Instrument Technician maintenance .
7. Rotating equipment Predictive Maintenance Vibration specialist.
8. Lead Sr. Mechanic and Mechanic Technician.
9. Lead and Electricians and Instrumentation Technicians.
10. Predictive Maintenance Engineer

Please send your CV and related documents or Certificate to HRD@pakarti.com
Write the position title as the email subject

Expiry date: April 19, 2021

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