Piping Welding QC Inspector Electrical HSE Jobs

Week 12 – New jobs are coming
1. Piping QC Inspector
2. Welding QC Inspector
3. Equipment/HVAC QC Inspector x2
4. Electrical Supervisor x4
5. Instrument Supervisor x2
6. HSE PTW Precom Supervisor
7. HSE Gal Supervisor x4
8. HSE Supervisor
Project location: Nanjing, 6 x 9 working system, cycle of about one year.
Need on-site experience in chemical projects, EPC background.
9. Rotating Design Engineer
10. Instrument Design Engineer
11. Architectural Design Engineer
Shanghai Jinshan, work 5 x 8, need to have chemical project design experience.
Interested in sending resumes to my mailbox: vivian.wang@metiers.cn
Or add WeChat: MetiersHR
Welcome to recommend, success has a prize!

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